Simple Wandering Bear

Wandering and wondering about :)

the white fluffy snow

poured from the tin can

into my hand, into my mouth

and i was hoping it would melt into my blood, but

it flew from my lips

onto the tub

two blue, bubbling spots.

i turn on the faucet

and they disappear,

what i wish i could do.



heavy in my hand
was the desire to pluck
the faint green thread
that runs center in my arm

but then he smiled.
i guess I could live
another day.



it’s love, i said, he’s the one
i left the city that i knew
and here i am
unsure of who i am,
whether I am the one
but i cover the rosy lovemarks,
avoid looking in the mirror
and lay in bed alone.


liberal arts was the key

to nothing.

i stood there by the door

ringing up the customers.

at 2 a.m. i am still there

folding jeans, placing it in

the red and white plastic bag

and folding another and placing, another

and placing, another–

i sit up violently

searching my linen sheets.

where did the pair of jeans go?

my head slumps down with the thought

3 more hours until work.

at 5 a.m. i twist the door

and walk into nothing.

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